We’re getting very close to the official release of Blueprint 2.1. Last month, the Steering Committee approved Blueprint 2.1 conditional on: 1) Adding back in marine corridors, and 2) A simplified way to display the Blueprint on slides. This morning, they agreed that those issues are now resolved.

Marine corridors – The marine corridor layer has significant known issues, particularly since it doesn’t do a good job incorporating ocean currents. It was not included in the draft Blueprint 2.1 layers. That said, the Steering Committee felt it was important to continue to depict marine corridors in the Blueprint. In the spirit of moving forward with the best available information, an updated version of the Blueprint will be posted soon that includes these marine corridors. As with other Blueprint layers, the metadata will include a description of the known issues.

Simplified Blueprint display – The improved incorporation of aquatics in Blueprint 2.1 made the zoomed out Blueprint map look a little more complicated. In particular, it was harder to see corridors and connectivity in the Piedmont. On a call this morning, the Steering Committee agreed on an improved display approach that uses a few tweaks in the color scheme.

Now there are just a few more finishing touches to do before the official release. The big ones are cleaning up the metadata for all layers and updating the Blueprint viewers. Unless there are any unexpected issues, the official Blueprint 2.1 release should be next month.