Great news everyone – Blueprint 2.1 is now officially released! Version 2.1 is a major improvement, particularly for the freshwater and marine ecosystems. Wasn’t it approved last month? Why is it being “officially” released now? Excellent questions.

The biggest reason is that we’ve worked especially hard to improve the overall Blueprint documentation. Here are just a few of those improvements in the documentation:

  • All the intermediary layers (indicators, ecosystem scores, corridors, etc.) are available with metadata on the¬†Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) in the Blueprint 2.1 Data Gallery.
  • All the indicator layers now have a known issues section. Did you find a problem with an indicator during a review session or as part of a revision team? If it couldn’t be fixed, then it’s in the known issues session. If you don’t see it, or would like to point out a new issue, feel free to email me at
  • Improved legends for all Blueprint layers on the Conservation Planning Atlas. Based on your feedback and review by multiple staff of your cooperative, we’ve improved the wording for all legends.
  • All the changes and improvements in documentation have been reviewed by multiple people to ensure they’re both technically correct and easily understood.
  • Want to see everything in one place? All this improved documentation on the Blueprint is also available as a single pdf. If you find any problems with the pdf, email Hilary at

One thing we were not able to do before this official release, thanks to some unexpected contracting issues, was update the Simple Viewer to version 2.1 of the Blueprint. The Simple Viewer is the easier “Google Maps” type viewer for the Blueprint. We’re hoping to have this update complete in the next month or two. Until then, you’ll see a warning letting you know that you’re viewing an older version of the Blueprint.