Blueprint 2.0 workshop held in Raleigh, NC in Spring 2015.

Your cooperative is hosting another round of Blueprint workshops in Spring 2017. This is your chance to review the upcoming draft of the Conservation Blueprint, Version 2.2, and to help prioritize South Atlantic LCC activities. Please mark your calendar for the workshop that would be most convenient for you—and feel free to share this savethedate with colleagues who might want to participate!

–Chapel Hill, NC: Tuesday 3/21/17
–Tallahassee, FL: Tuesday 4/11/17
–Atlanta, GA: Thursday 4/13/17
–Richmond, VA: Thursday 4/27/17
–Charleston, SC: Tuesday 5/2/17
–Columbia, SC: Thursday 5/4/17

We anticipate each workshop will last roughly 9 am – 3 pm, with the goal that most people in the South Atlantic region can drive to a workshop and come back the same day without needing to make overnight travel arrangements.

If you are interested in attending, consider tuning in on January 19th at 10 am for the next Third Thursday Web Forum, “The evolution of the South Atlantic Blueprint“, to brush up on your background knowledge and set the stage for a fun and productive workshop.

We’ll post a registration link and a draft agenda soon!