It’s my guess that your favorite part of your job is not your performance evaluation. In fact, if you’re like me, that’s an activity you would just as soon avoid altogether.  So, why would the South Atlantic LCC voluntarily undertake a mid-year review of work accomplishments with the steering committee? Turns out there are some really good reasons to conduct an LCC mid-year performance review.

At the start of a new year, and about halfway through the work plan cycle, your LCC staff wanted to provide the steering committee with a detailed update on activities, actions, and accomplishments made through the first half of the work cycle. We also wanted to receive any guidance from the steering committee for the second half of the work year. The January 4, 2017 steering committee conference call was devoted to this mid-year review.

The South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee is strongly engaged in guiding and directing the actions of your cooperative’s staff. At the in-person meeting in June 2016, the steering committee developed a staff work plan comprising three categories of work in regard to the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint:

Support Blueprint uses / Improve the Blueprint / Promote the Blueprint

These three categories are weighted in the order presented above to reflect the priorities and allocation of staff capacity recommended by the steering committee. Through this process, the work plan is directly linked to your cooperative’s mission, provides priority guidance and direction for actions, and also serves as a high-level implementation strategy for the Blueprint.

In conducting the mid-year review, staff provided summary information and detailed examples of work accomplishments in each category of the work plan. Steering committee members were polled individually for comments on progress to date, specifically in regard to recommendations or guidance for adjustment or modification to the work plan and its allocation of staff capacity. In general, steering committee members responded positively, indicating the overall direction of work plan implementation meets their intention. A pdf version of the conference call slides is available here.

There are multiple positive benefits to the mid-year review, including the opportunity for steering committee discussion and reflection on the work plan, its priorities, the direction and emphasis of its implementation, and guidance for the remaining six months in the work cycle. The process will begin anew at the next in-person steering committee meeting in summer 2017. Who knows, next year we may decide to have quarterly work reviews…or not!