Pathway to improving ecosystem integrity, part of the draft Blueprint implementation strategy.

If you were at the spring Blueprint workshops, you’ll probably remember that a new implementation strategy for the Blueprint is in the works. You might even remember that, through some of the activities, you were helping to create it. Even if you weren’t at a workshop, but have been part of other planning efforts in the region, there’s a good chance that some of your input has gone into the new strategy. That strategy is now ready for review.

The updated strategy combines feedback from multiple Blueprint workshops and information from 19 different implementation strategies in the region. Those other strategies include state wildlife actions plans, coastal management plans, Gulf restoration plans, smaller ecoregional partnership plans, Gullah-Geechee heritage plans, fishery commission and council plans, and more.

Want to check it out and provide some feedback? There’s a draft version on Google docs right now. Feel free to make changes and add comments directly in the document. It’s very easy for me to see changes and go back to any point in time, so don’t be shy about making edits. Comments would be most helpful by 9/28.

Review the draft Blueprint 2.2 implementation strategy in google docs