Blueprint 2.2 in the Simple Viewer.

The online Blueprint viewers are now updated with Version 2.2! Check out the Simple Viewer here: You’ll find the Simple Viewer looks basically the same, but with a new map and new indicator data. Some new features are in the works, though, including a new pixel-level analysis that will make it easier to understand why each pixel is priority in the Blueprint. We’re also looking into custom summary units, potentially with the ability to import a shapefile, do analysis on that area, and export the results! New threat charts are coming soon, as well, for urban growth and sea-level rise projections.

On the Conservation Planning Atlas, all the data used to create Blueprint 2.2 is packaged up in the Blueprint 2.2 Data Gallery. You can compare indicators, look at the ecosystem prioritization outputs from the Zonation modeling process, explore hubs and corridors, and overlay the Blueprint with future threat projections. You’ll also find the Blueprint 2.2 Development Process, a pdf compiling all the indicator metadata and data processing steps used to create the Blueprint.

Happy exploring!

Blueprint 2.2 Data Gallery on the CPA.