The Blueprint includes a diverse set of areas throughout the region due to their importance for natural and cultural resources. The historic aspects of many of these places aren’t always easy to see with the current viewers and datasets. This post is the first in a series discussing the historical aspects of different parts of the Blueprint.

Foggy morning at Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

The large natural areas of the South Atlantic are full of stories and history going back to the time humans first crossed into North America. These major hubs provided food, shelter, and relative safety for many people throughout time. Most were not developed primarily because they were considered large hostile and impenetrable places. For that reason, they provided key refuges during the time of the Underground Railroad. The short video below focuses on one of those large priority natural areas with important connections to the Underground Railroad: The Great Dismal Swamp.

Escape through the swamp: The link between the Great Dismal Swamp and the Underground Railroad