If you’re looking for information on how to adapt to climate change, check out the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE). CAKE is a knowledge sharing platform featuring high-quality climate change adaptation case studies, tools, and resources spanning all phases of the adaptation process (assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring).

Drawing from the feedback of their 2017 User Survey, the site has been updated with a streamlined look and feel, clearly organized resources, and improved navigation.

Watch CAKE’s quick intro video here for a tour of the new and improved site!

A few highlights:

You can search for resources by selecting by keyword:

Or you can search for resources using the interactive map:

Build off the experience of your peers! Use CAKE’s on-the-ground case studies as a guide as you integrate climate adaptation into your own projects:

In addition to searching for content, CAKE users can also add their own! Whether you have a climate adaptation related case study, event, opportunity, or other resource, CAKE encourages you to share your work with the community! Learn how to add content here.

Content relevant to the South Atlantic region includes:

  • Case studies of on-the-ground adaptation efforts
  • Resources ranging from journal articles, to tools, to strategic plans
  • A community calendar regularly updated with climate adaptation events
  • An opportunities board filled with funding, job posts, trainings, and more
  • A directory of individuals and organizations rich with adaptation knowledge

With over 400 on-the-ground case studies and other resources created by and for the adaptation community, CAKE users have the opportunity to share their own experiences as well as learn from others in the field.

Become a member and check out the site’s newest features for yourself at CAKEx.org.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the CAKE team:

Jessica Hitt, Lead Scientist & CAKE Program Manager, Jessica.Hitt@ecoadapt.org

Tera Johnson, CAKE Program Assistant, Tera.Johnson@ecoadapt.org