We received some excellent feedback on the draft greenways and trails indicator Rua blogged about last month. Specifically, we’re updating some greenway and trail information in OpenStreetMap for western North Carolina and Florida. The overall methodology capturing both the connected length of greenway networks and natural greenway condition will stay the same. We’re working to finalize this indicator in time for next month’s newsletter in early August.

In the meantime, you can still use the draft indicator that’s up on the Conservation Planning Atlas. As long as you’re using the layer outside one of those areas of NC and FL that received comments during the review period, the draft looks just like the final dataset.

In addition to the final indicator output, we intend to provide some of the interim data layers like greenway naturalness and connectivity so you can use those in your decision-making as well. If you need access to those before the final release, email Rua at rua@southatlanticlcc.org.