We’ve added something new to the release of Southeast Blueprint 4.0—a changelog. As always, we like to borrow best practices from the tech world to make the Blueprint more useful. A changelog is an easy-to-read document that captures the significant changes made in each version of a project or software program. So, the Southeast Blueprint changelog captures the major changes and improvements made in each version of the Blueprint. We always provide an overview of the improvements in a blog when each Blueprint is released, but the changelog goes into a lot more detail. It’s a very helpful resource for Blueprint staff to keep track of everything that’s changed and why. Now we’re sharing it with you!

You’ll find the changelog is more comprehensive for the most recent Blueprint update to Version 4.0. We did our best to catalog what changed in the past versions, as well, but of course, it’s a lot easier to keep documentation current than it is to try to reconstruct the past.

If you have any feedback, let me know at hilary_morris@fws.gov or 919-707-0252.

We’re planning to include a changelog in the next update of the South Atlantic Blueprint, as well!