The South Atlantic Blueprint is moving to a finer resolution this year.

There are a number of cool things in the works for the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS) this year. Not only is that great for the Southeast, and for those that also work in areas outside the South Atlantic, but there’ll also be some nice improvements for things in the South Atlantic.

  • South Atlantic Blueprint improvements: I’m really excited about these and can’t wait to share some drafts with you in a few months. I’m particularly excited about the transition to finer resolution (30 m pixels). I gave a sneak preview of some things in the last web forum. If you missed it, the slides and recording are here.
  • Improved Blueprint viewers: The South Atlantic Simple Viewer is getting a upgrade. The biggest change we’re working on is a reporting feature that will let you upload a shapefile and get a report with maps, numbers, and text you can use in your proposals. We’re also setting the stage for a new viewer for the full Southeast Blueprint. Like the South Atlantic Simple Viewer, the Southeast one will let you look under the hood to see the information underneath the broad Blueprint categories. We’ll have a prototype of the Southeast viewer in October.
  • Updated Recent Trends in Southeastern Ecosystems report: In addition to updated data, things are looking good for being able to add state-level water quality trends and trends in invasive plants. For some indicators, we’ll also be looking into developing state-level goals connected to the larger SECAS Goal.