A very early draft of 2020 Blueprint priorities in the Piedmont.

I’ve mentioned before that with the improved indicators and new 30m resolution, the 2020 South Atlantic Blueprint was going to be a great improvement over the current version. A few weeks ago, we also made a big methodological breakthrough in how we use Zonation to create the Blueprint priorities. These new methods fix a ton of known issues and create a much more connected and cohesive set of priorities for a connected network of lands and waters.

The staff here, myself included, are downright giddy at what a great improvement these new methods are. We also realize that there will still be issues and room for improvement even with these new methods. We can’t wait to have you review some draft priorities and help us make them even better. Expect an email soon with info on how to join a virtual review of the draft priorities.

Please also have a little bit of patience with us as we try give you as much time as possible to review and provide feedback on drafts of the Blueprint. We only figured out these new methods over the last few weeks. Normally we’d wait until the next version, but the early results were so good that we decided to push forward to get them in this year’s update.