Photo courtesy of the Piedmont Prairie Partnership.

Thanks to some recent progress on Piedmont prairies here in the South Atlantic, the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative decided to pilot some public surveys in the Piedmont. The surveys were focused on people’s preferences and knowledge about grasslands in the Piedmont. They included questions about historic condition of the area, what things people consider “grasslands”, their thoughts on prescribed fire, and what they value about grasslands.

We now have results from ~250 people of different genders and ages. Gregg Elliot, from Southeastern Grasslands Initiative, and I have been digging into the data over the last few weeks. The idea is to use the results to target outreach actions that will be support restoration of Piedmont prairies. One interesting thing we’ve found so far is that people are 3 times more likely to think fire is a necessary management tool in the Piedmont if they believe fire historically occurred there before European colonization.

We’ll have a full write-up of all the results available soon. Those will go out through this newsletter and the Southeast Grasslands Initiative newsletter/social media.