As Rua mentioned last month, we’ve been working on an exciting update to the South Atlantic Blueprint that uses a better modeling approach, finer spatial resolution, and several new and improved indicators. We’re so close to putting a draft online for you to review! The draft priorities are done, and we’ll be finishing up corridors in the next week.

Since we can’t safely gather in person, we’re hosting a series of 1-hour virtual workshops to review the draft at the end of July. We wanted to go ahead and put the word out to provide as much notice as possible. We hope you’ll join us and provide your feedback so we can keep making the Blueprint better! You can sign up using this form:

Each virtual workshop will focus on one subregion of the South Atlantic geography, or on the entire region as a whole. Each subregion or region will be covered in at least two workshops in an effort to accommodate different schedules. You’re welcome to register for multiple workshops if you’re interested in several areas. And feel free to share this with others who might be interested!

We’ll make sure that draft South Atlantic Blueprint 2020 is available online 2 weeks before the workshop. If you register for a virtual workshop, have been involved with the Blueprint in the past, or subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll get an email with the link to the draft when it’s ready. We’ll also put a blog on the website homepage and post the link on the Blueprint webpage.

And don’t worry—if you’re not able to attend a virtual workshop, you’ll still have the opportunity to review the Blueprint! We’ll provide a feedback form, or you can contact Blueprint staff to share your thoughts. More details to come when draft South Atlantic Blueprint 2020 is ready to share!