Comments from a North Coastal Plain workshop.

We had so much fun hosting two weeks of virtual workshops to review Draft South Atlantic Blueprint 2020! Thanks again to everyone who attended and provided feedback. While we wish we could have met in person, Mural seemed to work pretty well as an online alternative in this crazy world we’re living in.

We got some great comments, some of which we were able to incorporate into the 2020 Blueprint, and some of which we’ll fold in during next year’s update. As always, any problems that we weren’t able to fix this year will become “known issues” in the Blueprint documentation.

We had 111 people from 60 different organizations attend a virtual workshop. This brings the total number of folks involved in developing the South Atlantic Blueprint to more than 700 people from 200 organizations.

If you haven’t yet reviewed the draft Blueprint update, it’s not too late—just be aware that we won’t be able to make any changes based on your comments until next year. You can submit your feedback in this online form or just email me your thoughts at

We’re still on track to finalize South Atlantic Blueprint 2020 by the middle of this month. We’ll post a blog here when it’s ready, so stay tuned!