Climate-Conscious NC is a series of free programs on how to become a Climate-Conscious member of the North Carolina community! This program is made possible by a wonderful partnership between the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center, the State Climate Office of North Carolina, the Climate Change and Society Program at NCSU, the Museum of Life & Science, and many more amazing partners! Virtual conversations began this week and will continue each week on Thursdays from August 13- September 24, 2020. We hope you will join us!

People living in rural and urban areas in North Carolina will both experience hazards related to climate change. How people experience the risks and threats from these hazards, however, will vary based off of where they live, which in turn will help shape their values, perspectives, and priorities with regards to climate resilience and adaptation strategies.

How might a person living in a rural area experience extreme heat, sea level rise, drought, or extreme precipitation events differently than someone living in an urban area? How might these differing experiences impact their opinions on advocacy, policy, and adaptation?

Climate-Conscious NC will explore the science and the lived experiences of the people living in rural and urban areas in our State, and hopes to turn a lens towards participatory data collection, knowledge co-creation, and finding common ground on resilience strategies and solutions that works for people living in different situations.

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