South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint 2020 is now available!

Thanks so much to the 111 people from 60 different organizations who reviewed the Blueprint during the virtual workshops. We were able to make a few improvements in the final Blueprint based on your comments – especially in the North and Central Coastal Plain subregions. We’ve fully updated the known issues for this Blueprint version and will be using your comments to prioritize and test next year’s Blueprint improvements. As someone who regularly uses workshop feedback like this, I can’t overstate how helpful it is.

If you zoom way out, the broad spatial patterns of this updated Blueprint are similar to the last one. In the marine environment, they’re also very similar even when you zoom in (don’t worry, marine folks—we’re planning on a bigger update next year). The big difference is all the improvements in the finer details of the inland priorities. Here are a few highlights of the inland improvements:

  • Updated and improved indicators
  • Finer resolution (30 m instead of 200 m)
  • New methods that result in fewer “speckles” of priority and a more connected network of lands and waters
  • Better integration of priorities across ecosystem boundaries
  • Improved alignment with Nature’s Network to the north and the Florida Blueprint to the south

You can check out the new Blueprint in a few ways:

The Simple Viewer hasn’t been updated yet, but should be ready by this fall. We’ll be updating some additional documentation over the next couple of months as well, including the South Atlantic Blueprint user guide as well as a new changelog.