The Team provides input on the content and presentation of the Blueprint based on their experiences using it to inform conservation action and investment in their work.


The Team will work with the South Atlantic LCC staff to provide input on how to improve the Blueprint to make it more useful and user-friendly. South Atlantic LCC staff will also support members of the user team to help them implement the Blueprint.


Membership in the User Team will be open to anyone who has used, or is in the process of using, the Conservation Blueprint.

Current members

 FWC Beth Stys

Flint River Partnership


Casey Cox
 USFWS Don Imm
USFS Emrys Treasure
Jason Bulluck & Rob Evans
 USFWS John Stanton
Julie Elmore
Kacy Cook
Keith Walls
openspaceinstitute Maria Whitehead
USFWS Mark Cantrell
Mark Scott
USFS Mary Morrison
 NOAA Pace Wilber
 USFWS Pam Wingrove
NPS Randy Swilling
GADNR_WRD Eamonn Leonard & Jason Lee
Roger Pugliese
USFWS Wilson Laney
TNC Elizabeth Kalies