Peninsular Florida LCC Priority Resource & Conservation Target Identification Workshop

//Peninsular Florida LCC Priority Resource & Conservation Target Identification Workshop
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Peninsular Florida LCC Priority Resource & Conservation Target Identification Workshop

Nov 28-Dec 2, 2016 in Orlando, FL

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USGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center – Orlando Office

12703 Research Parkway, Suite 200

Orlando, FL 32826

The Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperative (PFLCC) respectfully requests your participation in our Priority Resource & Conservation Target Identification Workshop. The PFLCC partnership is working to develop a set of Conservation Targets for each Priority Resource (listed in the workshop schedule below).

The workshop will provide partners an opportunity to help shape the future conservation landscape. This in-person workshop is a replicate to the workshop held in September in Tallahassee. This Eventbrite invitation is for the workshop in Orlando at theUSGS Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center.

Registration is strongly encouraged but not required.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Gather input on potential Conservation Targets for each priority resource
  • Conduct initial review of potential Conservation Targets using PFLCC criteria

Workshop Schedule

During this workshop the landcover-based priority resources sessions will focus on identifying conservation targets. The Working Lands session will focus on further refinement of the priority resource and identification of conservation targets.

Conservation Target discussions/brainstorming will be addressed for each Priority Resource — each in a half-day session. Participants are welcome to attend any/all of the sessions they prefer. The schedule for the Priority Resource sessions in Orlando is below:

Monday 1:00–5:00pm                  Coastal Uplands

Tuesday 8:00am–12:00pm           High Pine and Scrub

Tuesday 1:00–5:00pm                 Pine Flatwoods and Dry Prairie

Wednesday 8:00am–12:00pm      Hardwood Forested Uplands

Wednesday 1:00–5:00pm*           Working Lands OR Rivers, Lakes, Springs

Thursday 8:00am–12:00pm          Forested Freshwater Wetlands

Thursday 1:00–5:00pm                Freshwater Non-Forested Wetlands

Friday 8:00am–12:00pm              Connectivity

*Wednesday afternoon will have concurrent sessions. Participants will choose which to attend.

Conservation Target selection for the Marine and Estuarine Priority Resources will be scheduled for a similar, but separate process. We are striving to align the PFLCC effort with other ongoing/upcoming marine assessment projects. Based on participant feedback from the Tallahassee workshop, the Cultural and Socio-economic Priority Resources will also be evaluated during a separate process.

If you cannot attend, please consider sending someone else from your organization. If you know of someone that should be involved, feel free to forward this event invitation.

For additional information on the PFLCC Priority Resource and Conservation Targets:

Background Information

The Priority Resources and Conservation Targets (terms defined below) are the PFLCC’s shared measures of conservation success. For the PFLCC, the purpose of Conservation Targets is for use in biological planning and conservation design, and to serve as a performance management tool that allows for collective landscape-scale conservation. They provide a focus for collaborative monitoring of environmental trends related to the quality and quantity of ecological and cultural resources, and coordination to identify knowledge gaps and increase our understanding of ecological and cultural resources. Conservation Targets provide accountability and transparency to partners, constituents and funders about conservation objectives and the necessary resources and time frames to achieve them.

  • Priority Resources are the set of biological, ecological and cultural features and ecological processes collaboratively identified as most important, and are the focus of the PFLCC’s planning. Priority Resources should be identified collaboratively, represent the most significant resources for the focus geography, embody the key components, and reflect the mission, vision, common interests and values of the focus geography partners. A series of web-workshops were held in March 2016 to reach consensus on the PFLCC’s Priority Resources — see the list in the Workshop Schedule above.
  • Conservation Targets are the measurable expressions of desired resource conditions that will help inform us easily and quickly about the overall condition of Florida’s diverse and complex resources. More specifically, Conservation Targets are the quantifiable biological, chemical, physical or cultural attributes of a landscape that are important or valued to stakeholders identified during the biological planning process. Conservation Targets consist of three elements: the measurable attribute, the metric and the target. The measurable attribute is a quantifiable characteristic that informs us about landscape conditions, the metric denotes the unit of measure used to quantify the measurable attribute, and the target represents the numerical endpoint of the measurable attribute used to direct biological planning, conservation design, and conservation actions to track conservation progress.