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August 20th, 2015: “Progress, challenges, and opportunities in landscape-scale decision support for freshwater aquatic conservation” with Ashton Drew, KDV Decision Analysis

For this presentation, Ashton will highlight primary outcomes and lessons learned from her recent work to develop landscape-scale models in support of Strategic Habitat Conservation of rare, endemic freshwater aquatic species in the South Atlantic LCC. The project was undertaken with Tom Kwak, Greg Cope, and Tom Augspurger. They gathered expert knowledge and spatial data to model and map potential habitat of the Tar River spinymussel at broad extents (e.g. Tar and Neuse river basins) but fine resolution (e.g., HUC 12 catchments and reaches). These model scales reflect the spatial scale of focal conservation decisions: protect, restore, relocate populations, or take no action. The project included three models (water temperature, water quality, and hydrology) intended to be referenced together. The hydrology model includes the first application of WaterFALL data from Research Triangle Institute, while the water temperature and quality models offer a unique perspective by integrating expert knowledge within Bayesian networks.

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