Third Thursday Web Forum – Integrated marine ecosystem modeling

//Third Thursday Web Forum – Integrated marine ecosystem modeling
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November 17, 2016: “Understanding marine ecosystem changes in the South Atlantic region using an integrated modeling approach” with Dr. Tom Okey, University of Victoria

Marine ecosystem changes in the South Atlantic region are driven by multiple factors including climate and ocean variability, fishing, watershed changes, pollution, habitat changes, etc. They are also influenced by coastal and marine resources policies and strategies. Ecosystem modeling has developed rapidly during the 15 years since the initial South Atlantic Bight ecosystem model was constructed. At that time, we suggested that this model should be incorporated into U.S. fisheries management. While ever more common in research, active use of such models in management has been slow in coming. However, advancements in integrated modeling approaches and availability of improved fisheries, oceanographic, and estuarine data and models have provided the ingredients for developing extremely useful ecosystem modeling. In this presentation, Dr. Okey will describe the Ecopath with Ecosim model of the South Atlantic region, review the history of its development, describe some of the new key developments of the approach such as advancements in Ecospace, and describe how efforts with this model will interface with other modeling approaches, data, and teams to advance the overall ecosystem modeling capabilities for the region. The hope is that the efforts of this broader collaborative team, also supported through the South Atlantic LCC, will lead to considerable advancements in modeling tools for this region.

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