Third Thursday Web Forum: Mapping ecosystem services to enhance conservation

//Third Thursday Web Forum: Mapping ecosystem services to enhance conservation
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“Mapping ecosystem services to enhance conservation” with Katie Warnell, policy associate in the Ecosystem Services Program at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University

In this webinar, Katie will introduce the Nicholas Institute’s work on ecosystem services mapping and discuss how these mapping products can be used to enhance conservation work in the Southeast.

Ecosystem services, the benefits that natural ecosystems provide to people, are inherently spatial. Mapping where they are abundant or in short supply provides useful information for conservation planning and communication related to conservation work. The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, in collaboration with the Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center, is mapping a variety of ecosystem services at the landscape level across the southeastern United States. Mapping products for wild pollination, water purification, recreational birding, and access to open space for recreation will be published this summer.

Ecosystem service mapping can support conservation work in several ways. It help to tell a compelling story of the broader benefits of existing conservation activities by quantifying these benefits in new ways that are meaningful to people. Overlaying maps of several ecosystem services can identify potential co-benefits of future conservation work in specific locations, which can support planning of projects with co-benefits of interest to stakeholders. Communication about the co-benefits of existing and planned conservation projects enhances outreach and can bring in new partners to support conservation.

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