Blueprint 2.0 workshop in Charleston, SC

The South Atlantic LCC welcomes anyone who wants to make a positive difference for natural and cultural resources in this region, and we share information openly. We embrace the collective impact approach to effective collaboration. And we build on lessons from the world of tech startups to make rapid progress toward our goals. We think these guiding principles make us a little different–and more importantly, they help us get things done.

We are inclusive and transparent.

This is your cooperative. If you want to effect positive change in the South Atlantic region, you can help in a number of ways, from participating in Blueprint planning workshops to offering your input through our web community. To help inform our next steps, join the more than 800 people who are members of the website to receive the monthly newsletter.

We have a collective impact.

We tackle difficult problems by forming a partnership with a shared vision. And we ask ourselves: What unique contribution can each partner make to help all of us to achieve our common goal?

By collecting data and measuring results across the region, all participants develop a common understanding of the problems we face—and a common approach to solving them. In the collective impact approach to collaboration, the South Atlantic LCC serves as a backbone organization for our members, coordinating conservation effort across the region and keeping lines of communication open.

We have the mentality of a lean startup.

The lean startup approach is an idea we adopted from the technology and manufacturing industries. We work quickly, continually testing, evaluating and adjusting as needed, with the lessons learned during the process applied immediately. We don’t aim for perfection at first, but rather benefit from rapid iterations and constant feedback.