Full title: Managing instream flows of the SALCC


Principle investigators: Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership


Overview: Addresses key information gaps needed to develop and implement science-based instream flow standards and practices as recommended by 60 regional and national instream flow experts.


(updated Feb 13, 2012)

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  • Fish sampling database – SARP has been working with the National Fish Habitat Action Plan Science and Data Committee and the Multistate Aquatic Resource Information System (MARIS) to get the SALCC states signed up and contributing their fish and aquatic animal sampling to this national data system.  This will allow all the SALCC and SARP partners access to fish sampling data across the SALCC in a standardized format.  We now have VA, NC, SC, and GA on board, and are working on Florida.   Prior to the start of this project, GA was the only state in the entire southeast that was participating in this program.
  • Aquatic Conservation priority areas relative to flow and hydrology – Comparing priorities of states (SWAP identified lands),  SARP, and TNC to the flow alteration risk assessment, and a plan to identify “protected” lands and waters that may still be at risk of flow alteration. This effort is still underway.
  • River and Stream Classification – Classification attributes that can be used across the SARP/SEAFWA states and Southeastern LCCs. This effort is still underway.

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