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Full title: Identifying priority areas for land protection in the south Atlantic: a landscape genetics pilot study


Principle investigators: Moyer et al. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)


Overview: Identifies genetic “hotspots” for sustaining populations and maintaining within-species adaptive capacity throughout the LCC. Evaluates the overlap between these genetic “hotspots” and current priority conservation areas. Creates an automated tool to update genetic “hotspots” as new data become available.


Why selected:This project will help LCC conservation planning better inform terrestrial and aquatic decision making by identifying important areas for maintaining genetically viable populations and the adaptive capacity for species to respond to future change.


More information: Here is the full proposal

Project Update:

(Updated Jan. 10, 2012)

Here is the information the investigators will be able to use in the project:

Data sets:
Genetic Diversity: 28 species with 293 datapoints
Genetic Divergence: 22 species with 1561 datapoints