Create a shared blueprint for landscape conservation actions that sustain natural and cultural resources South Atlantic LCC mission

Why is a blueprint needed?

The lands and waters of the South Atlantic are changing rapidly. Climate change, urban growth, and increasing human demands on resources are reshaping the landscape. While these forces cut across political and jurisdictional boundaries, the conservation community does not have a consistent cross-boundary, cross-organization plan for how to respond. The South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint will be that plan. 

What will the blueprint look like?

The blueprint will be a spatially-explicit map depicting the places and actions need to sustain South Atlantic LCC objectives in the face of future change 

What are the steps to creating the blueprint?

  1. Indicators and targets (shared metrics of success)
  2. South Atlantic 2050 (what happens to indicators if we do nothing?)
  3. Conservation Blueprint (spatially-explicit map of how we’re going to keep indicators “in the green”)

How will the blueprint be used?

There a number of potential ways the blueprint could be used:

  1. Finding the best places for people and organizations to work together
  2. Raising new money to implement conservation actions 
  3. Guiding infrastructure development (highways, wind, urban growth, etc)
  4. Creating incentives as an alternative to regulation
  5. Bringing a landscape perspective to local adaptation efforts (how do I fit in?)
  6. Locating places and actions to build resilience after major disasters (hurricanes, oil spills, etc)



  • April 2013 – Spring/summer 2014: Development of version 1.0 of the SALCC Conservation Blueprint

How do I participate? 

Join the website to get the latest updates and opportunities for getting involved. More info coming soon…  

Conservation design team

Mark Anderson         TNC

Bob Cooper              UGA

Mary Conley             TNC

Barry Grand              USGS

Nate Nibbelink         UGA

Jim Fox                     UNC

Will Allen                 TCF