Mallory Martin, Coordinator

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Mallory serves as Coordinator for the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy. He facilitates collaborative landscape-scale conservation across the Southeast.

Contact:, (919) 707-0121

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Rua Mordecai, Science Coordinator

Rua is the Coordinator for the South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprints. He helps integrate feedback from users, local experts, and ongoing research to improve the Blueprints.

Contact:, (919) 707-0122

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Amy Keister, GIS Coordinator

Amy coordinates GIS for the South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprints. She focuses on improving the geospatial models underlying the Blueprints, and on developing user-friendly GIS tools and models to help support collaborative landscape-scale conservation in the Southeast.

Contact:, (919) 707-0278

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Hilary Morris, Blueprint User Support & Communications


Hilary helps people use the South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprints, and incorporates their feedback to make these tools more useful to everyone in the conservation community. She also takes the lead on communications for the South Atlantic Blueprint and the broader Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy.

Contact:, (919) 707-0252

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Louise Vaughn, Blueprint User Support

Louise works as an extension associate through the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at North Carolina State University. She helps people use the South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprints to make conservation decisions, and incorporates user feedback to improve future versions of these landscape-scale conservation plans.

Contact:, (919) 270-8512

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Janet Cakir, Affiliated Staff, Climate Change and Cultural Resources Coordinator

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Janet contributes to the cultural, social, and economic components of the South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprints and their connections to climate change. She works to understand and communicate the ways people are culturally, socially, and economically connected with natural and cultural resources.

Contact:, (919) 707-0288

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Simeon Yurek, Affiliated Staff, Ecologist


Simeon is a landscape and systems ecologist whose research focuses on understanding and predicting linkages between water management, hydrology, fisheries, and ecosystem services, under future scenarios of sea-level rise and climate change. He spends part of his time contributing to the development of the South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint.

Contact:, (919) 707-0118