South Atlantic LCC

Steering Committee Meeting

February 1-2, 2011

North Carolina Wildlife Resources CommissionHeadquarters

1751 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC


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Attire: Business casual


Purpose of meeting:  Review progress from firstyear, reach consensus on important issues and obtain guidance onnext steps for South Atlantic Landscape ConservationCooperative.



  • Establish common understanding of LCC concept
  • Steering committee comes to agreement on:

             o    Mission

             o    Guiding principles

             o    Charter

  • Steering committee provides guidance to LCC Staff on:

             o    Communications strategy;

             o    Process for identifying science needs inFY-11;

             o    Additional capacity;

             o    Next Steps


Day 1 – February 1, 2011 (Laying the Groundwork)

Agenda Items

Discussion Leader/Handouts




Gordon Myers or Mallory Martin

1:00 pm


Opening Remarks

Review Agenda/Logistics/Process

Ken McDermond

Handout #1 (Agenda)

1:05 pm


Review LCC concept


Bill Uihlein, FWS, Assistant Regional Director, ScienceApps.

1:15 pm

Understand LCC background/need

Introductions & expectations for the partnership

SC – Discussion questions: What about this partnershipinterests you and what does your organization bring & what doyou hope to get?)

Handout 2 – Steering committee list

1:30 pm

Understand partner perspectives and interests

SALCC Perspective & Progress


Ken McDermond/Rua Mordecai


2:30 pm

Understand current thinking of LCC staff



3:15 pm

Light refreshments

One Partner’s Perspective

Mike Harris, Georgia DNR, Chief, Non-game conservationsection

Handout 3 – SWAP’s & LCC’s

3:45 pm

Understand potential benefits of partnership

Update on LCC Network

Doug Austen, FWS, National LCC Coordinator

4:00 pm

Understand national context

Update on SE Climate Science Center

Sonya Jones, USGS, Interim Director, SE Climate ScienceCenter

4:20 pm

Understand CSC role and relationship to LCC.

Cultural Resource Dimension

Daniel Odess, Assistant Associate Director, Park CulturalResources,

National Park Service

4:40 pm

Understand how cultural resources fit  



5:00 pm


Convene for social

Raleigh Marriott, City Center

6:00 pm

$20/per person


Day 2, February 2, 2011 (Getting down to business)

Agenda Items

Discussion Leader/Handouts



Thoughts from first day: Refining our collectivevision.

SC – Discussion questions: What questions do you have afterhearing the basics?  Is there anything that you think needsadjusting?  What surprised you?  What troubled you? Whatencouraged you? 

8:30 am

Clarify and gain understanding of cooperative partnership.

Operational Framework I:

Consider DRAFT Mission and Guiding Principles

Ken McDermond

Handout #4 – Draft Mission and Guiding Principles

9:15 am

Agreement on mission and guiding principles

Operational Framework II: Review draft charter:

– Roles & responsibilities

– Decision-making process

– Steering committee membership 

Ken McDermond/Rua Mordecai

Handout #5 – Draft Charter w/ proposed changes


9:45 am

Agreement on charter w/proposed changes and steering committeemembership



10:15 am


Operational Framework III:

– Proposed organizational structure

Ken McDermond/Rua Mordecai

Handout #6 – Proposed structure

10:30 am

Agreement on structure

Spotlight project: Optimal Conservation Strategies

Barry Grand, USGS, Alabama Cooperative Fisheries and WildlifeResearch Unit

11:00 am

Demonstrate LCC potential in collaboration with CSC

Communications Strategy

Stacy Shelton, FWS, Public Affairs Specialist

Handout #7 – Communications

11:30 am

Agreement on approach & needed capacity


Catered by Neomonde Deli


$15/person (w/breaks)

Science Needs:

– Proposed 2011 process

– Building staff capacity

Rua Mordecai

Handout #8 Science Needs


12:45 pm

Agreement on 2011 process and additional core science staff.

Geographic Issues, especially the marine component

Ken McDermond/Steering Committee

Handout #9

1:15 pm

Agreement on near shore & marine extent of  LCC



1:30 pm


Proposed next steps


Ken McDermond/Rua Mordecai

Handout #10 Next Steps

1:45 pm

Agreement on guidance to LCC staff.


– Proposed meeting dates

– Elect? Chair and Co-chair

– Meeting feedback

Ken McDermond/Steering Committee

2:15 pm

Agreement on meeting dates, chair & co-chair nominationprocess; and  meeting feedback



3:00 pm


Background documents:

Large Landscape Conservation: A Strategic Framework for Policy andAction

LCCInformation Bulletin #1

SALCC Development and Operations Plan