The South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee, which serves as the executive body for decision making, is composed of leaders from fifteen organizations that represent a broad set of interests. The Steering Committee provides the guidance and leadership necessary to prioritize projects and activities throughout the South Atlantic. By working collaboratively, this team is able to work across organizations and demonstrate how the LCC partnership can support sustainable landscape level conservation.



Current members


Committee Chair, Beth Stys (Research Administrator)

Cultural Resource Committee Chair, Ramona Bartos (Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer) 






Mallory Martin (Deputy Director)






Breck Carmichael (Deputy Director)






Cale Godfrey (Assistant Director Bureau of Wildlife Resources, South Central Region)





Jon Ambrose (Assistant Chief, Nongame Conservation)



Ken Rice (Director, Southeast Ecological Science Center)





Lisa Garrett (Division Chief, Inventory and Monitoring)





Elizabeth Kalies (NC, Director of Science)







Roger Pugliese (Senior Fishery Biologist) 






David Viker (Regional Chief, National Wildlife Refuge System, SE Region)






Geno Olmi (Coordinator, Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team )







Rick Durbrow (Program Analyst, Office of Policy and Management)







Rick Lint (Forest Supervisor, Francis Marion & Sumter National Forest)








Cynthia Jester (South Atlantic Division)

Robert Abernethy (President)

Ben Wigley (Vice President, Forestry Programs)

Kevin Brice (Southeast Director)

Past Steering Committee Meetings




Hear Steering Committee members talk about the LCC


Mallory Martin, Deputy Director, NC Wildlife Resource Commission


Rick Studenmund, NC Director of Conservation Programs, TNC


Roger Pugliese, Sr. Fisheries Biologist, S. Atl. Fish Management Council