New study shows longleaf corridors increase plant diversity

This figure from the paper shows one of 10 experimental landscapes from the study, each containing a center fragment that is either connected or unconnected to peripheral fragments of open longleaf pine savanna surrounded by dense pine plantations. Photo credit: Google Earth 2019. So much connectivity work is about finding ways for large [...]

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Greenways and trails indicator up for review

Ready to take a look at the new greenways and trails indicator we keep talking about? A draft is now up on the Conservation Planning Atlas. This indicator captures the recreational value and opportunities to connect with nature provided by greenways and trails. It integrates naturalness at multiple scales and overall connectivity. It also covers [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum: South Atlantic and Southeast Blueprint improvements

“Building better Blueprints: Improvements on the way for the Southeast and South Atlantic” with Rua Mordecai, South Atlantic Blueprint Join us for the May web forum to hear Rua discuss a few of the improvements in the works for the fall update of the Southeast and South Atlantic Conservation Blueprint. Improvements include integrated hubs and [...]

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Implications of spatial connectivity and climate change for the design and application of MPAs

Speaker: Mark Carr, Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Long Marine Laboratory, University of California, Santa Cruz Register at: Sponsors: This webinar is part of a NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program webinar series to highlight research, exploration, and management of deep-sea corals and sponges around the U.S. Seminar POC: Abstract: [...]

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North Carolina STIP comment period now open

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has announced an open comment period through July 22nd on their draft Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), which will address North Carolina’s transportation needs for FY2018 through 2027. This comment period offers an excellent opportunity for the conservation community to engage early on issues of habitat connectivity, wildlife [...]

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South Atlantic LCC Third Thursday Web Forum

March 17th, 2016: “Modeling terrestrial habitat connectivity priorities for the South Atlantic region” with Ron Sutherland, Wildlands Network Improving habitat connectivity continues to be the most logical and well-supported method of promoting climate change adaptation by wildlife species. With support from the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Wildlands Network initiated a multi-year habitat connectivity modeling exercise in 2011. The project, which [...]

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SEACAP results complete!

As the champagne corks popped to welcome in 2015, the SEACAP team had other reason to celebrate, as well: the completion of the Southeast Aquatic Connectivity Assessment Project.  Following a two year effort involving staff from The Nature Conservancy and SARP and an advisory workgroup of over 50 people, these products are now available online [...]

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Project results that are coming soon

While Amy has been doing blog posts when project results are ready and up on the Conservation Planning Atlas, a number of you have been asking for updates on accessing data from specific projects that are getting close to (or are already) finished. Here's an update on a few of those. I'll try to do more [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

July 18th, 2013:  "Identifying and prioritizing key habitat connectivity areas for the South Atlantic region" with Ron Sutherland, Wildlands Network This project: 1) maps out current and future levels of habitat connectivity in the South Atlantic region, from the standpoint of multiple groups of terrestrial wildlife species and 2) prioritizes key corridors and linkage areas based [...]

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