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Third Thursday Web Forum: Conserving coastal marshes through flagship species

“Conserving coastal marshes through flagship species” with Aimee Weldon, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Come learn about the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture's efforts to advance coastal marsh conservation through the use of a flagship species approach. The ACJV recently adopted this narrow strategic focus to help better coordinate conservation action across states and partners in this [...]

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Looking for data on specific plants and herps

The South Atlantic project improving how the Blueprint incorporates range-restricted and at-risk species is making good progress. It's now looking for additional data on some species that haven't already been included in a report or database. See the message below from Anne Chazal, the project manager from Virginia Natural Heritage: --- For the 10 species [...]

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Project results that are coming soon

While Amy has been doing blog posts when project results are ready and up on the Conservation Planning Atlas, a number of you have been asking for updates on accessing data from specific projects that are getting close to (or are already) finished. Here's an update on a few of those. I'll try to do more [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

July 18th, 2013:  "Identifying and prioritizing key habitat connectivity areas for the South Atlantic region" with Ron Sutherland, Wildlands Network This project: 1) maps out current and future levels of habitat connectivity in the South Atlantic region, from the standpoint of multiple groups of terrestrial wildlife species and 2) prioritizes key corridors and linkage areas based [...]

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