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In development: Better predictions of future salt marsh habitat

Salt marsh in Core Banks, NC. Photo by John Buie/Flickr,  CC BY 2.0. Predicting where future salt marsh habitat will be, and how much we'll have, can be tricky. Over the last year or so, Amy and I have been working with Steve Hartley and Dan Stone from U.S. Geological Survey on improved [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum: Conserving coastal marshes through flagship species

“Conserving coastal marshes through flagship species” with Aimee Weldon, Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Come learn about the Atlantic Coast Joint Venture's efforts to advance coastal marsh conservation through the use of a flagship species approach. The ACJV recently adopted this narrow strategic focus to help better coordinate conservation action across states and partners in this [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

November 19th, 2015: “South Atlantic salt marsh mapping: An update on regional mapping and synthesis” with Tom Allen, East Carolina University Salt marshes are essential resources for coastal conservation, yet mapping their extensive distribution with spatial accuracy and thematic detail important to conservation has remained a challenge. The vulnerability of salt marshes to sea level rise also [...]

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