Great video on aquatic connectivity for use with the public

This video on aquatic connectivity put together by Freshwaters Illustrated is the final piece of the Southeast Connectivity Assessment Project, or SEACAP. It serves as a great mechanism to increase awareness about aquatic connectivity issues in the Southeast! SEACAP is a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, and the South Atlantic LCC focused [...]

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Third Thursday Web Forum

May 21st, 2015: "SEACAP: Assessing Aquatic Connectivity in the Southeast" with Erik Martin, The Nature Conservancy This presentation will provide an overview of the methods, results, and tool for the Southeast Aquatic Connectivity Assessment Project's (SEACAP) recently completed assessment of aquatic connectivity in the Southeast. The Nature Conservancy and SARP, with funding from the South Atlantic [...]

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SEACAP results complete!

As the champagne corks popped to welcome in 2015, the SEACAP team had other reason to celebrate, as well: the completion of the Southeast Aquatic Connectivity Assessment Project.  Following a two year effort involving staff from The Nature Conservancy and SARP and an advisory workgroup of over 50 people, these products are now available online [...]

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