The vision of the South Atlantic LCC: A landscape that sustains the nation’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.


The South Atlantic LCC region

The South Atlantic LCC region We’re here to help get things done—for resilient communities, healthy fish and wildlife populations, clean water and working forests. We bring together scientists, decision-makers, public officials, resource managers and advocates to conserve natural and cultural resources across the South Atlantic region.

Part of a network

The South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is part of a broader LCC Network of 22 cooperatives across North America and the U.S. Pacific and Caribbean islands. Each regional LCC is designed to foster shared conservation action among multiple public and private agencies and organizations.

A diverse group with a shared mission

The South Atlantic LCC is made up of 800 individuals from federal agencies, regional organizations, states, tribes, nonprofits, universities and other groups. A Steering Committee of diverse partners guides your cooperative’s strategic direction, empowering it to operate on a scale that no single agency or organization could address on its own.

Together, we examine threats to our environment, such as climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive species and water scarcity. But we don’t stop there. Our mission includes developing and implementing a plan of action—a comprehensive blueprint for sustaining natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. We’re involved in cutting-edge work, creating spatially explicit models that help biologists and natural resource managers prioritize conservation action and investment.

Helping shape the future of our lands and waters

The South Atlantic LCC is a forum for collective action that: